Friday, December 10, 2010

A Post from a friend

With the Haggards Texas move mere weeks away, I begged Tricia to let me post a farewell message on her blog. My first real interaction with Tricia and Brad involved delivering a few survival supplies during their vigil with Katie in Seattle two and a half years ago. First over a stroll on Seattle’s Burke Gilman Trail, and later through weekly walks on Ledyard’s backroads, Tricia became one of my dearest friends. We have been with their family through happy and sad times, and have shared many outdoor adventures and special occasions together. We will miss them terribly.
During their 3+ years in Connecticut, the Haggards have impacted so many of our lives through their kindness, fun, and love. I invite you to share a comment detailing a memory with or feeling about the Haggards. Let’s send them off with some of the great love they’ve shared with us!

From: Elise Jones


  1. We will always remember how much we felt loved and cared for by the Haggards. They always welcomed us into their home and their hearts. we will miss you!

  2. wow i ahve had so many memories with them...all the times we had to travel for gymnastics meets...the best was this day i miss katie so much...its still so hard to say that she is gone...i miss you lots you all with all my heart...alysha

  3. I knew katie's brother nathan in second,third and fourth grade. Even though i never really met her i feel like i have. She sounded like a very nice young girl and i wished i could of met her.RIP: katie


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